7,000 immigration officers have been promoted

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has reported that 7,000 personnel across a variety of grades and divisions have been promoted.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) stated on Wednesday that the elevation had been approved by the board of directors and was carried out under the direction of Acting Comptroller General (CG) Wuraola Adepoju.

Kenneth Kure, a spokesperson for the NIS, said in the statement that the promotion of the officers was included in a letter that was signed by Alhaji Jafaru Ahmed, the Secretary of the Immigration, Civil Defense, Correctional, and Fire Service Board.

According to Kure, the number of promoted officers includes not only senior officers who participated in the normal tests but also junior staff members who were upgraded after earning extra credentials. This is because the number of promoted officers includes both senior officers and junior staff members.

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In a separate turn of events, the acting NIS Comptroller General, Adepoju, gave his approval for Tony Akuneme to be appointed as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command Comptroller. Akuneme had previously served as the Service’s spokesperson.

Comptroller Joseph Dada has also been named as the new Principal Staff Officer to the CG, as verified by Kure. This news comes in the same vein as the previous one.

“Mr. Dada, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife, has served in various commands in the NIS and was, until his recent appointment, the Comptroller in charge of Marine Border Corps in the Service Headquarters,” Kure said. “Mr. Dada has a wealth of experience in the National Intelligence Service.”

Kure also mentioned that 12 Comptrollers had lately been transferred to various states, such as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Kano, Jigawa, Ondo, Ogun, and Mfum Border Control, amongst others.

As the NIS continues to serve as a leading Agency for international guests, the acting CG, Adepoju, has instructed the officers and men of the Service to prioritize maintaining the positive image of the Service over their own personal interests.

“She asserted that henceforth promotion would be based solely on seniority, hard work, and dedication to duty,” Kure added. “She promised to prioritize personnel welfare, and she made this promise.”

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Adepoju, on the other hand, lamented the lack of progression shown by some of the more senior officers.

“It is disheartening to see them remain in the same place in the ranks while newly recruited ones are moving over and above them.”

She stated that the quality of the output could not be guaranteed if the staff was not well motivated.

In the meantime, Adepoju recently noted that the NIS is currently utilizing technology and adopting robust administrative measures in order to improve the process of applying for a passport and issuing one.

She asked all Nigerians to remain patient and collaborate with the NIS as it takes significant steps to address the passport situation. She said that the NIS will keep everyone updated on its progress.

Additionally, the NIS director gave the public the assurance that efforts are being taken to guarantee that every qualified Nigerian who is in need of a passport will be able to receive one in a timely way.

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