A 30-year-old man has been arrested for alleged N1.1m fraud

A 30-year-old guy named Fabian Udenyi recently found himself in the spotlight after appearing before the prestigious Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court on Friday. Udenyi is accused of a heinous crime: acquiring a considerable sum of N1.1 million under false pretenses.

Today in a courtroom, a defendant, whose residential address is unknown, is at the center of a trial. The police have charged them with two counts each of fraud and stealing.

ASP Benedict Aigbokhan, the prosecution, presented overwhelming evidence against the defendant in court today. According to Aigbokhan, the accused person is suspected of committing a series of infractions in February at the following address: No. 10, Adesina Street, Idimu, Lagos.

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It has been revealed that the defendant, whose name has not been revealed, obtained a startling sum of N1.1 million from the plaintiff, Mr. Saheed Balogun. The defendant allegedly convinced Balogun that the money would be used for a business venture before diverting it for personal gain.

According to the individual in question’s statement, the offenses committed are in violation of sections 287(1) and 314 of the Lagos Criminal Law, 2015.

In a sudden turn of events, the defendant has submitted a not-guilty plea to the allegation, which has stunned courtroom spectators.

Magistrate I. A. Ariyo has recently granted bail to the subject in question. The bail amount has been set at N300,000, with the provision of two sureties who must likewise satisfy the same amount. Furthermore, Magistrate Ariyo has ordered that the sureties show proof of gainful work and tax payments to the Lagos State Government.

The case has been postponed until September 4th, according to the latest developments.

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