A lone gunman was apprehended near a prominent Anambra hotel

The diligent police operatives in Anambra have successfully apprehended an individual who was found to be in possession of a weapon, while surreptitiously loitering in close proximity to a well-known establishment in Awka (the specific name of which shall remain undisclosed).

There is speculation that the individual in question may have discreetly followed a hotel guest, with the intention of executing a plan upon the guest’s departure. There are suspicions surrounding his alleged involvement in cult activities, specifically his surveillance of a member belonging to a rival cult, with the intention of ultimately eliminating said individual.

According to DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the official spokesperson for the Anambra State Police Command, it was observed that an individual was loitering in a dubious manner near the hotel premises. Consequently, the surveillance team, in their vigilance, made the decision to approach and engage the said individual.

Ikenga reported that the surveillance operatives diligently observed the individual engaging in suspicious activities within the vicinity. Consequently, a decision was made to proceed with a thorough search of his person.

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A single English-manufactured firearm and a total of three live rounds of ammunition were successfully retrieved from his possession.

The individual in question identified himself as Akuchieani Echezona, a resident of Ifite Awka. The individual in question was expeditiously disarmed, apprehended, and subsequently placed under custody.

Ikenga has reported that the esteemed Commissioner of Police, CP Aderemi Adeoye, has issued a directive for the State CID Awka to assume control of the aforementioned case. Their primary objective is to conduct a thorough investigation into the origin of the weapon in question, as well as ascertain the underlying motives of the individual who, armed, ventured into a hotel premises.

He said the suspect will be arraigned in court at the conclusion of investigations.

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