A tweet criticizing Buhari by ministerial nominee Tijani has resurfaced

In a recent Twitter development, netizens revived a message from Bosun Tijani, a ministry contender, in which he made disparaging statements about Nigeria’s previous President, Muhammadu Buhari. Tijani’s post portrayed Buhari as ill and out-of-touch, casting doubt on his ability to properly rule the country.

Tijani, the respected Co-founder and CEO of Nigeria’s largest innovation center, Co-Creation Hub, has made a significant stride in his career, according to breaking news. Tijani was named to the second batch of President Bola Tinubu’s highly awaited cabinet list on Wednesday. This development represents a significant accomplishment for Tijani and demonstrates his growing political clout.

Tijani brazenly aired his opinion on the previous president’s ability to run a nation as complex as Nigeria in a recent tweet from his official handle. Tijani cited the country’s economic status at the time as evidence of the former president’s claimed lack of competence.

The individual shared their wonder about the unwavering allegiance of the noble folks surrounding President Buhari in a recent statement. They challenged these folks to reveal their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for a leader who is regarded to be ill and out of touch with Nigeria’s realities. The individual highlights the significance of acting without doubt or respect for any potential hurdles or consequences. In a country facing complicated issues, the question of President Buhari’s qualifications to lead Nigeria has become a hot topic. The President’s qualifications and expertise are being reviewed as the country seeks a leader capable of guiding it toward prosperity and stability. The user wants clarification and comprehension in a plea for clarity and comprehension.

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Bashir Ahmad, a former advisor to President Buhari, recently took to social media on Thursday to share an old tweet. Ahmad asked Tijani, who is presently a member of the current administration, to take this chance and address the country’s serious concerns.

He shared his excitement in a recent statement, saying, “Congratulations and welcome aboard the Healthiest, Connected, and Qualified One.”

In a hopeful remark, the user expressed their desire for the President to delegate a large amount of the ministries to someone with the experience and ability needed to properly solve the nation’s many difficulties.

A confident individual stated today that the selection of the new Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will result in the settlement of all lingering difficulties.

Several users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current administration in a series of tweets, warning that it may be even worse than expected.

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