Adamawa State Governor Fintiri has ordered the planting of 500,000 trees

In a bid to combat the adverse impacts of climate change, Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State has taken decisive action. He has issued a directive for the acquisition of a staggering 500,000 tree seedlings to be planted across the region. This proactive measure aims to alleviate the environmental challenges posed by climate change and foster a sustainable future for Adamawa State.

In a recent development, it has come to light that just a month after the governor’s announcement regarding the reinstatement of a law aimed at curbing tree felling, a significant incident occurred. This incident follows growing concern over the widespread flooding and other detrimental consequences resulting from deforestation.

In a recent statement, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Cletus Hilkiah Gwotyel, shed light on the government’s decision to plant an impressive 500,000 tree seedlings throughout the state. According to Gwotyel, this initiative was prompted by the governor’s directive to the ministry to acquire seedlings in order to combat the issue of deforestation.

In a meeting held on Friday, the permanent secretary graciously welcomed the Adamawa State House of Assembly Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Development. During the meeting, the permanent secretary confidently stated that the ministry possesses the necessary human capital to effectively fulfill its duties. With a total of four technical departments and seven directors, the ministry is well-equipped to carry out its assigned tasks.

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In a statement, the House of Assembly committee, currently on a visit, expressed its unwavering commitment to addressing the pressing concerns surrounding climate change within the state.

In a statement made by Yohanna Jauro, the esteemed chairman of the committee and representative of the Mubi South constituency, it was revealed that the indiscriminate cutting of trees in previous years has played a substantial role in the occurrence of climate change.

In a statement, he emphasized the urgent need for decisive action to address the growing threat, highlighting the state governor’s recent directive to implement a tree-planting initiative as a crucial step towards finding a solution.

In a recent statement, committee member Paul Samuel, representing the Mubi North constituency, emphasized the importance of receiving support from the ministry for the state’s development.

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