All illegal structures will be demolished, said FCT Minister Wike

A strong message has been sent by the newly inaugurated Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, to those who have been interfering with the FCT’s master plan. Individuals found guilty of distorting the master plan can expect their properties to be demolished, according to Minister Wike.

On Monday, the former Rivers State Governor came to the podium in Abuja to officially accept the position of FCT Minister.

The individual stated unequivocally that their administration will take decisive action to demolish any illegal structures, regardless of the socioeconomic status of the proprietors involved.

Governor Wike recently expressed his displeasure with individuals who have been tinkering with Abuja’s master plan. “All those people who are distorting the master plan of Abuja, too bad!” he exclaimed passionately. Individuals who willfully built-in prohibited zones are now paying the price, according to a stunning discovery. According to recent reports, these people are seeing the downfall of their doomed structures.

A strong warning has been issued, stressing that anyone found to be involved in unlawful development, regardless of their position as a minister or ambassador, will face severe penalties. It has been made plain that such behavior will result in their home being demolished.

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Individuals in charge of converting green spaces into construction zones, or what they call “our parks,” are being asked to follow crucial criteria. A strong call to action has been issued emphasizing the importance of preserving green places. A disturbing remark has been made that a dislike for the color green may indicate a deep-seated hatred for oneself. This provocative viewpoint calls into question frequently held notions about color preferences and self-perception.

Concerns have recently been raised over the conversion of parks and green spaces into restaurant locations. The community was angry, emphasizing their opposition to such actions. A significant reduction is projected as a result of an unexpected turn of events.

The era of land racketeers has come to an end, according to a significant event. According to a recent development, individuals who were handed property allocations by the government but chose not to develop the properties have now lost their ownership rights.

In an unexpected turn of events, the individual announced their intention to withdraw some land rights. They questioned the logic of paying N200,000 for land only to discover potential purchasers willing to pay N2 billion for the same property, alleging a lack of understanding. The query “Who does that?” occurs as a result of an unexpected sequence of events.

The speaker issued an audacious proclamation stating their desire to reclaim the land and distribute it to those who want to promote development. According to a recent statement, individuals are expected to sign an agreement proving their commitment to timely development.

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