Amotekun apprehends cultist and burglar in Osun

The Amotekun Corps in Osun State recently detained two people, one of them was a suspected cultist and the other a burglar. The law enforcement agency wasted no time in acting to secure the community’s safety and security.

Two people were caught in separate locations on Thursday as a result of a series of incidents that occurred. The first arrest happened in Ila-Orangun, and the second in Osogbo.

Brigadier General Bashir Adewinmbi, the Corps’ Commander, announced this information in a statement made on Friday.

In a recent event, a 20-year-old man from Osogbo named Sodiq Adelabu was apprehended in his hometown on serious allegations. Adelabu is suspected of being a member of a hidden cult, partaking in cult-related activities, and stealing.

During questioning, the suspect reportedly confessed to being a member of the infamous Eiye Confraternity.

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Authorities have recently caught the second suspect in a housebreaking and theft incident in Ila-Orangun Town. Sunday Oluwasegun, a 22-year-old Ila-Orangun resident, has been identified as the person in question.

Recently, it was reported that an individual was involved in an alleged theft, fleeing with a quantity of money and various household items. However, the suspect’s activities were not overlooked, as officials apprehended him afterward.

Adewinmbi was recently arrested as a result of repeated complaints received by concerned citizens about their purported activities.

Residents of the state are asked to remain watchful and swiftly report any suspicious activity or anyone suspected of criminal behavior to local security authorities, according to a call to action.

In a statement, the individual stated that the names of others will be protected and kept private. In a statement, he urged citizens to actively participate in the ongoing fight against crime and criminality within the State.

According to a recent development, the apprehended persons have been handed over to authorities for further investigation and legal processes.

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