Bandits now wear hijab and dress as women. – Former Zamfara Commissioner

Hon. Ibrahim Magaji Dosara, the esteemed former Commissioner for Information in Zamfara State, has issued a cautionary statement regarding the evolving tactics employed by bandits.

In a startling revelation, it has come to light that a group of bandits has resorted to donning hijabs, assuming the guise of women. This strategic move by the bandits has raised concerns and added a new layer of complexity to the prevailing security challenges.

In a recent communication on the NUJ WhatsApp platform, Dosara articulated the following statement.

It is imperative that the general public remains cognizant of these strategic maneuvers and comprehends the deceptive ploys employed by terrorist factions, thereby enabling them to exercise caution when encountering unfamiliar individuals.

It is imperative that they exercise utmost caution when evaluating the individuals who approach them, particularly those who present themselves as women.

The individual in question expressed the notion that individuals ought to possess a level of sagacity akin to that of serpents, in order to avoid becoming ensnared within the intricate machinations of the marauding factions within the State.

The individual in question additionally asserted that the alarming frequency at which terrorists are inflicting casualties upon security personnel, particularly those within the police force, has reached a level of profound embarrassment, perplexity, and concern.

The individual in question eloquently referenced a series of distressing incidents involving law enforcement personnel. Specifically, they highlighted the unfortunate demise of four valiant police officers at the hands of nefarious bandits in Bungudu town, situated within the Bungudu Local Government Area. Additionally, they shed light on the tragic killing of a skilled police mechanic in Kucheri town, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Tsafe Local Government Area in the State.

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The prevailing sentiment among political analysts is that the bandits in question demonstrate a clear lack of readiness for peaceful resolution. Consequently, it is widely advised that the government refrain from entertaining any overtures for peace accords or reconciliation. The rationale behind this perspective lies in the inherent difficulty of establishing peace with individuals who display a propensity for violence and bloodshed.

The individual asserts that it is imperative for the State government and security agencies to maintain a proactive stance rather than adopting a complacent approach. They advocate for a robust and assertive strategy, emphasizing the need to confront challenges with equal force and intensity.

In his analysis, the assertion is made that in the event of terrorists targeting security officers, the vulnerable civilian population would find themselves in a precarious predicament.

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