Bukunmi Oluwasina reacts to actor, Sylvester Madu selling ‘Okirika’

A video of the Nigerian actor, Sylvester Madu selling ‘Okirika’ surfaced online.  This was shared by a  TikToker with the handle @ejimaa. In the clip, the 48-year-old movie star, who is well-known for playing tough characters in movies, is seen arranging his goods and selling them to people.

This video went viral on social media, sparking mixed reactions from netizens, while some claim that the actor was filming a movie in the market, others asserted that there is nothing wrong with the actor having a legitimate side hustle apart from acting.

In a reaction to this video, Bukunmi Oluwasina stated that the business Sylvester is doing was better than going out to beg or go out to steal.

She said;

“You all have so normalized the fake lives some celebs live on social media that you no longer see the pride and dignity in those who don’t join the trend but rather, choose to be themselves and do whatever they can to provide for their family.
He is actually better than some of your role models, who borrow designers to take pix and post online, only to return them to the stores they bought them from or their owners.
And shame on those recording him without his consent and those posting.
At least he isn’t begging or stealing.
He could even be on set.
live and let others live.”

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