Chinwetalu Agu: I turned down N10 million for a movie role

Chinwetalu Agu, a veteran Nollywood actor, has revealed how he turned down an N10 million offer from millionaire business mogul Mike Adenuga to play a role in a film.

He stated that when the millionaire businessman made the offer, he had not previously made N1 million, but he insisted on getting N20 million.

After threatening to walk away, Adenuga later compromised and gave him the N20 million, according to the famed thespian.

Agu revealed this during a conversation with popular media personality Chude Jideonwo.

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“Chief Mike Adenuga said, ‘What I have for you in this contract is N10 million,” he stated. I had never seen N1 million before until he offered me N10 million, but I rejected it. ‘If that’s not N20 million, forget it,’ I said.

“He persisted, and I persisted. So I pretended to stand up and asked for money to return to Enugu. If there is an available flight, please arrange it for me so that I can return quietly.’

“When I stood up, everyone looked at me as if I were serious. Chief Mike Adenuga ordered everyone to sit down.’ He directed them to bring documents to sign. They delivered, and I signed.

“The Uhuru dance began at that point.” In the office, I handled it diplomatically. I didn’t want them to realize how important N20m was to me. But at the time, it was the most lovely thing to me.”

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