Court denies bail to Lagos Eze Ndigbo on terrorist charges

In a recent development, the Lagos High Court located in Tafawa Balewa Square has made a decision to deny bail to Frederick Nwajagu, who holds the esteemed position of Eze Ndigbo of Ajao Estate.

In a recent ruling, Justice Yetunde Adesanya made a significant decision regarding the bail application of Mr. Nwajagu. The court, according to Justice Adesanya, found itself compelled to reject the bail application due to the gravity of the alleged offense and the potential severity of its punishment.

In a stunning development, Nwajagu now finds himself facing a total of nine charges, all of which revolve around alleged involvement in various acts related to terrorism. These charges include attempting to commit terrorism, participating in terrorism, engaging in meetings to support a proscribed entity, and financing terrorism.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the defendant made a bail application on July 25, referring to his medical reports.

In a statement, the individual asserted that they were not a flight risk.

In a ruling delivered on Friday, the court made the decision to deny the defendant bail and further ordered an expedited hearing of the case.

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In a recent development, Justice Adesanya has issued a directive to correctional center officials regarding the treatment of Nwajagu. The directive instructs the officials to make arrangements for Nwajagu to be taken to a public hospital for medical treatment.

In a recent development, it has been brought to light that the counsel representing the defendant, E. C. Obiagu, SAN, has made a plea to the court for the defendant to be granted bail on medical grounds. This request was made during the last adjourned date of the court proceedings.

In a compelling statement, Jonathan Ogunsanya, the counsel for the prosecution, passionately implored the court to reject the bail request.

In a recent development, it has been reported that Nwajagu has been apprehended by the Department of State Security (DSS) operatives. The arrest took place in April and was made in connection to a video where Nwajagu allegedly issued a threat. In the video, he purportedly called for members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to come to Lagos and safeguard the properties of Igbo residents in the state.


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