Cynthia Okereke, a popular Nollywood actress, has died

The Nigerian film industry mourns the loss of the esteemed actress Cynthia Okereke, who has graced our screens for years with her remarkable talent.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, the renowned actor and filmmaker, Joseph Okechukwu, shared the news of a tragic incident that occurred on Wednesday. With deep sadness, he revealed that Okereke had passed away the previous evening.

In a heartfelt gesture, Okechukwu shared a captivating photograph of the talented actress. He revealed that he had been on the verge of purchasing Cynthia’s flight ticket to America, eagerly anticipating her arrival. However, fate had other plans, as her untimely demise shattered his hopes and dreams.

May she find eternal peace, dear Nwanyi oma. I am utterly devastated, unable to find the right words to express the depth of my emotional turmoil.

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It truly pains me to realize that I was on the verge of purchasing your flight ticket, eager to reunite and continue our unfinished journey together. However, I received the heartbreaking news that you departed from this world and joined the heavens just last night. Coping with this reality has proven to be one of the most challenging experiences I’ve faced in recent memory.

I fervently hope that I will be able to overcome the shock. Life, my friend, is but a fleeting mist. In the blink of an eye, what was once within your grasp slips away like a fleeting dream.

Throughout the two decades of our acquaintance, you have consistently exuded an awe-inspiring aura of goodness and charm. Your presence has been nothing short of delightful, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to share your company. I am at a loss for words. May your gentle soul find eternal peace until we are reunited in the realm of glory. #CynthiaOkereke.”

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