Don Jazzy: I used to sell akara with my mother

Michael Collins Ajereh, better known by his stage name Don Jazzy, reminisced about his humble beginnings in the bustling neighborhood of Ajegunle in a recent interview. Don Jazzy’s journey to fame is a tribute to his unshakable perseverance and talent, as he comes from a background where his mother made a living selling the renowned Nigerian street food, akara.

The Mavin CEO made a comment during a recent visit to the Zero Conditions program.

In a recent remark, he confessed that his firsthand experience with poverty shaped his current persona.

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In a recent statement, the individual recalled the occurrence with great clarity, saying, “I remember it like it was yesterday.” In a sentimental remembrance, the user vividly recalls a wonderful event in Ajegunle, where they sat beside their mother, involved in the art of frying Akara, a popular Nigerian delicacy. The duo’s culinary skills drew the attention of affluent individuals speeding by in their prestigious Peugeot 504 or Mercedes 230 automobiles, positioned on a lowly bench. These affluent individuals would eagerly approach the Akara stall, hoping to purchase the wonderful bean cakes. In a nostalgic tone, the individual recalls a specific notion that entered their mind, expressing a longing for a certain figure to acknowledge their presence and say, “Young boy, just take this, I know you need it.”

In an unfortunate turn of events, it has been revealed that famed music producer Don Jazzy has lost his mother to cancer. The tragic occurrence occurred in July of this year, leaving the music business and fans in despair.

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