Ebonyi council head Ekuma reads the riot act to two communities involved in communal violence

Prince Chima Ekuma, Chairman of Edda Local Government Area in Ebonyi State, issued a severe warning to two communities inside the council, Amaeta, and Ogiri, in a stern demonstration of power.

DAILY POST has discovered in a breaking news report that two villages are currently immersed in a series of escalating ethnic conflicts.

In an audacious move, Ekuma has proclaimed a buffer zone in the midst of the ongoing conflict between inhabitants of Amaeta and Ogiri villages. This contested territory has been at the heart of the issue, and Ekuma’s decision seeks to establish a neutral territory in order to reduce tensions.

The Chairman of Amaeta and Ogiri villages gave a strong warning to the stakeholders present at a meeting held on Thursday at the Oso Edda secretariat. The Chairman stressed the importance of his message to the concerned individuals.

The individual went on to warn that any indigenous person discovered in violation of the instruction would suffer harsh consequences at the hands of security forces in a scathing message.

The Chairman of Edda Local Government Area made a crucial remark on a land dispute between two nearby communities in a recent statement. He has used his authority to declare the contested territory a buffer zone, which is effective immediately.

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Authorities have issued a stringent directive for residents of Amaeta and Ogiri villages, which is a big step. Individuals from either community are not permitted to enter the specified area for any reason, including farming or other activities, beginning immediately. This temporary ban will continue in effect until further notice while officials continuously monitor the situation.

The user, in a grave tone, invites others to take this decision with great severity and thought. In a shocking turn of events, scientists are advising against sampling the waters. In a shocking statement, the user cautioned against challenging the administration. The user has said unequivocally that anyone who defies this command will face the consequences, as the user intends to direct security agencies to deal with such individuals properly. He issued a severe warning, emphasizing the necessity of following this command and adding that it is to your best advantage not to break it.

In a remarkable development, the leaders of two conflicting communities have joined forces and signed a critical agreement. This project strives to promote amicable and peaceful coexistence in the region.

Chief Uduma Agwu and Mr. Clement Eze of Amaeta village, along with Chief Ude Orji and Osuu Ama Okoro of Ogiri village, came together on a historic occasion to sign a significant endeavor.

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