Ex-Commissioner Okah explains why Ebonyi Central allowed Umahi to become a minister

The chairman of the Ebonyi State Council of Elders, Benjamin Okah, claimed that it was the turn of the Ebonyi Central senatorial zone to produce a minister in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s cabinet, but he chose former governor David Umahi to fill the role.

He stated that the reason for handing over Ebonyi Central to the former governor was his solid trust that Umahi would not disappoint the Southeast area, particularly in terms of producing great infrastructure for the country.

Okah, a former Commissioner for Public Utilities in Ebonyi State, stated this to journalists in Abakaliki, the state capital.

The Elders Council chairman stated that the “Abuja Group” issue will not resurface in the state, but rather a stronger relationship between Minister of Works Umahi and Governor Francis Nwifuru to build Ebonyi to the envy of other states.

“Ebonyi Central senatorial zone ought to have produced the minister,” he claims, “but former governor, David Umahi, worked very hard during the last general election; that’s why he was given a Grade One minister.”

Okah, who praised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for appointing David Umahi as the first Igbo man as Minister of Works, urged President Tinubu to nominate more ministers from the Southeast geopolitical zone.

He thought it was unjust that the region only got five ministerial berths while others got eight to eleven.

“With David Umahi as Minister of Works, Nigerians will notice a significant difference in terms of delivering quality infrastructure development, particularly roads.” Igbos have always excelled in every ministry assigned to them. We are disappointed that the Southeast received only five ministerial jobs. “We believe President Tinubu will consider Southeast for other major appointments,” he stated emphatically.

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