FG disbands advertising panel in response to ‘All Eyes on Judiciary’ billboards

Following the clearance of the ‘All Eyes on the Election Tribunal Judges’ billboards, the Federal Government decided to abolish the Secretariat of the Advertising Standard Panel (ASP). This decision follows the recent events involving the contentious billboards, which attracted extensive controversy and scrutiny.

A gripping narrative has evolved as a result of a captivating turn of events, attracting the attention of many. This intriguing story, dubbed “All Eyes on the Election Tribunal Judges,” began as a social media campaign sponsored by ardent fans of Peter Obi, the respected Presidential contender belonging to the Labour Party, LP, in the highly anticipated 2023 election.

Campaigners have come up with shocking charges of a potential prejudice inside the judiciary against incumbent President Bola Tinubu. These charges have sent shockwaves through the political landscape, raising questions about the next elections’ fairness and impartiality. The campaigners claim that there is a hidden purpose at work, one that might tilt the scales in favor of President Tinubu. As the country waits for additional developments, the attention is now on the judiciary, which is demanding transparency and accountability in order to maintain the integrity of the election process.

In a statement issued today, the Federal Government accused the advertising panel of attempting to blackmail the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo, Director-General of the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON), made a momentous revelation regarding the Panel’s dissolution in a statement issued on Tuesday.

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Fadolapo, a Council spokeswoman, confirmed in a recent statement that the Director and Deputy Director in charge of Regulations have been suspended awaiting further inquiry.

The ARCON has taken note of the “All Eyes on the Judiciary” billboard advertisements that have appeared around the country. It has now come to light that the concepts provided have not been approved by the ASP. As a result, it is critical that the materials now on display be removed as soon as possible, and that those guilty of this infringement face appropriate consequences.

According to a statement issued today, the advertisement in question is highly contentious and has the potential to provoke disturbance and disrupt public order.

Following the breakup of The Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) Secretariat, the Director and Deputy Director of Regulations have been suspended. An official announced the actions, saying, “Consequently, the Director and Deputy Director, Regulations have also been suspended as The Advertising Standards Panel, ASP, Secretariat is hereby dissolved.”

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