FG will build flyover on Abuja-Lokoja road – Umahi

Minister of Works, David Umahi, has announced intentions to address the long-standing issue of flooding on the Abuja-Lokoja expressway. After taking over the ministry, Umahi recommended building a flyover as a long-term solution to this reoccurring issue.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the minister made the statement on Tuesday while on a tour to check the status of building on the Abuja-Lokoja route. This visit happened barely one day after his official inauguration.

In a recent event, the honorable minister, joined by Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello and a group of ministry directors, paid a visit to several work sites along the route.

According to a recent ministerial statement, the Abuja-Lokoja road acts as a vital gateway connecting the southwest, south-south, and southeast parts of the country to the Federal Capital Territory and the country’s northern regions.

In a statement, he stressed the significance of addressing it due to its critical position in the nation’s socioeconomic existence.

Our crew recently discovered the notorious flooding hotspot located in the Koton Karfe region. The construction of a flyover, which would effectively lift the route above the flood level, has become clearly evident as the most realistic solution to this reoccurring issue.

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The user stated that they believe the proposed plan is highly effective in a statement. According to their calculations, the distance in question is about 1.6 kilometers long, requiring a total of five flyovers. The user stressed the significance of doubling this amount by two.

The individual stated in a statement that they want to offer a plan to the President, requesting his permission in order to address the current challenges in a long-term manner.

The minister recently stressed the importance of using concrete in the ongoing road project in a statement. Furthermore, the minister stated that existing road contracts will be thoroughly evaluated and revised.

The individual made a bold claim to adopt concrete roads countrywide, noting their remarkable durability and possible longevity of up to half a century. They also underlined the added benefit of such roads requiring little maintenance.

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