First Lady Oluremi Tinubu meets with governors’ wives in Aso Rock

In a momentous gathering, Oluremi Tinubu, the esteemed spouse of the President, convened a meeting on Friday with the distinguished wives of the 36 State governors. The purpose of this auspicious occasion was to formally present and familiarize them with the noble aspirations of her visionary brainchild, the Renewed Hope Initiative (RHI).

The clandestine gathering took place within the confines of her esteemed office, concealed from prying eyes.

In a resounding address, the esteemed first lady extended her heartfelt felicitations to the esteemed spouses of the governors, commending their pivotal role in the triumphant execution of the 2023 electoral proceedings, which ultimately ushered their esteemed partners into positions of power and authority.

In a resounding call to action, she fervently reminded her colleagues of the pressing need to diligently fulfill the solemn commitments they had espoused to the electorate during the electoral campaign.

Furthermore, she subtly alluded to the imperative necessity of their unwavering endorsement in order to effectively penetrate and permeate every corner and crevice of the nation.

In a resolute display of political acumen, Tinubu, the esteemed figurehead, unequivocally reassured the esteemed wives of the governors that the implementation of the RHI (Regional Health Initiative) shall, without a shadow of doubt, refrain from encroaching upon their individualistic pursuits or ventures.

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In a poignant declaration, she articulates her fervent desire to instill within us a profound sense of purpose. With utmost conviction, she implores us to recognize the elevated positions we currently occupy as a gateway to effectuate a more profound and lasting influence. Her impassioned plea extends beyond the boundaries of our respective states, encompassing the entirety of our beloved nation, Nigeria.

In her post-meeting discourse, Ambassador Olufolake Abdulrazak, the esteemed spouse of the governor of Kwara State, unequivocally affirmed the unwavering resolve and steadfast dedication of the esteemed cohort of governors’ wives to lend their unwavering support to the noble cause of RHI.

In a resolute declaration, she articulated her intention to embark upon the crucial task of electing zonal coordinators, who will dutifully assume the mantle of responsibility, thereby guaranteeing the comprehensive outreach to the grassroots.

Furthermore, she unequivocally affirmed that the Regional Harmonization Initiative (RHI) shall not, under any circumstances, impinge upon the progress of their respective undertakings within their diverse jurisdictions. On the contrary, it shall serve as a synergistic force, augmenting and fortifying their collective endeavors.

The Renewed Hope Initiative stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and visionary leadership emanating from the esteemed Office of The First Lady of Nigeria.

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