Floods and banditry have displaced 6,000 people in Niger, according to the deputy governor

Yakubu Garba, the Deputy Governor of Niger State, disclosed in a recent statement that a startling number of people, more than 6,000, had been displaced as a result of the devastating mix of flood and banditry. This concerning situation has left various towns in the state dealing with the fallout from these disasters.

Garba made a comment during a visit to Engr Mustapha Habib Ahmed, Director-General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), in Abuja on Thursday, highlighting the need for NEMA’s support in resolving the State’s difficulties.

In a recent statement, he emphasized the state’s terrible flooding disaster.

In a recent remark, an individual whose identity has not been revealed has given insight into Niger State’s persistent security difficulties. Because of the delicate nature of the subject, the insider declined to provide specifics at this time.

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In other matters, the weather forecast for this year has predicted a string of bad events in Niger State, where flooding is still wreaking havoc.

In a recent statement, the individual elaborated on the State government’s attempts to promote awareness among inhabitants in the affected areas. The goal was to persuade people to consider migrating to safer places, reducing their chances of becoming flood victims.

Ahmed, the Director-General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), has responded quickly, expressing the agency’s unshakable commitment to providing critical humanitarian relief to states coping with crises across the country.

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