JAPA ALERT; Germany Opens Its Doors To Immigrants, Reforms Immigration Law

On Friday ,June 2023 the German parliament finally passed a new immigration law reform planned to support  people in countries outside the European Union to work in Germany.

The Interior Minister Nancy Faeser  of the Social Democrats (SPD) stated this; “This draft law secures prosperity in Germany,”  She said this as  she introduced the government’s plan in the chamber in the morning, though she also said that it will only work if the bureaucratic hurdles were dismantled during its implementation.

“It’s unacceptable that you have to fill in 17 different applications to bring a new care worker into the country,” she said.

Some of the ideas were welcomed by other parties such as the Christian Social Union (CSU) and the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) ,but they found fault in the idea of lowering qualification hurdles for foreign workers. Andrea Lindholz, a member of the CSU, shared that plans to lower the level of German language skills will only encourage low skilled workers and not the skilled ones.

Andrea maintained that the new law will not  address what she called the main problem; Bureaucratic bottlenecks such as over-long procedures at foreign consulates.

The CSU member Andrea Lindholz  also said that the plans to open opportunities for asylum seekers who were already in the county ran the risk of “turning the asylum process into a kind of state-financed job-seeking opportunity in Germany.”

A far right member of Alternative for Germany (AFD) shared that this law will only turn Germany into a “junk country” .

What you have put together in a 100-page draft law could be summed up in one sentence,” “Everyone gets in, but no one gets thrown out.” he said.


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