Gov. Bago of Niger says he will talk to bandits

Governor Umar Bago of Niger State recently stated his administration’s intention to engage in discussion with bandits.

Bago declared recently that his administration has effectively implemented a non-kinetic approach to tackle the growing threat of banditry.

Bago conveyed this information in a message to State House Correspondents following a meeting with President Bola Tinubu at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

The Governor has made a bold declaration that military action will be launched if the non-kinetic method fails.

According to a recent Bago announcement, there are two solutions being studied. The first alternative is non-kinetic, in which the government has taken steps to begin talks with the bandits.

A ministry dedicated to resolving the needs of nomadic and pastoral populations, primarily Fulani herdsmen, has been established, which is a significant development.

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In an interesting study, it has been discovered that Niger State has the largest gathering of Fulani people.

According to current reports, Niger State spans an astonishing 8.3 million hectares of territory, incorporating large bodies of water. This vast region is noted for its pleasant ecology, which is especially conducive to grazing activities.

A concerned citizen recently shared their opinions on the presence of Fulani people in Niger State in a statement. They emphasized that this issue is not limited to Africa by highlighting the large number of Fulani people from all over the world who assemble in this location. The individual clearly reaffirmed their wish for the Fulani community to remain in Niger State, emphasizing the need of avoiding large-scale military operations. Instead, they stated a great preference for discussion with the Fulani people.

In a recent remark, the individual stated that if serious dialogue fails to emerge, a full-scale military response may be required.

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