Gov. Bago warns appointees: “Shun corruption, complacency, and docility or be shown the exit door.”

Niger State Governor, Hon Muhammad Umar Bago, gave a severe message today to the newly sworn-in Commissioners and Special Assistants. The Governor underlined the significance of integrity and urged them to shun corrupt activities, complacency, and docility.

The man in question has issued a severe warning in a bold declaration, claiming that anybody caught up in the complicated web of corruption will surely be fired from their positions within the administration.

During his assistants’ swearing-in ceremony in Minna, Bago gave a strong warning, emphasizing that the newly appointed political officials must not use their positions for personal benefit.

“I want to make it abundantly clear that there will be absolutely no tolerance for complacency, docility, and, most importantly, corruption,” he said emphatically.

It has been revealed in a shocking disclosure that the privilege granted to persons through their appointments should not be regarded as a chance for personal benefit. This important reminder acts as a strong warning against the temptation to enrich oneself. Individuals are being warned sternly not to fall into the complicated entanglements of corruption, as they will surely be steered towards an exit route.

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The Speaker and members of the Niger State House of Assembly have been praised for their fast vetting and confirmation of nominations, which is a commendable gesture. This significant step illustrates their dedication to developing a healthy relationship between the various parts of government, with the ultimate goal of establishing good governance within the State.

The governor, in a statement, underlined the importance of merit, competence, and a track record of hard work and honesty for all nominees.

The individual stated their high hopes for the next job in a statement made today, urging the recipient to bring forth the trademarks of excellence and unshakable dedication.

The Governor recently stated his administration’s commitment to establishing an environment of open dialogue and collaboration. He underlined the value of constructive criticism and encouraged participation from all stakeholders involved in the governance process.

In a recent development, Alh. Abubakar Usman, Secretary to the Niger State Government, presented a welcoming message highlighting the rigor of the nomination, confirmation, and administration of the oath of office and allegiance.

He made a solemn guarantee on the commitment of all political appointments in a spectacular display of dedication and fidelity. He assured that those nominated will carry out their tasks with uncompromising determination, emphasizing the significance of trustworthiness.

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