Gov. Otu has vowed to completing Obudu Airport in six months

In a resolute declaration, Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State has affirmed his unwavering dedication to the expeditious completion of the Obudu Cargo airport, a project initiated by his esteemed predecessor, Prof Ben Ayade. With an ambitious timeline of six months, Governor Otu aims to demonstrate his steadfast commitment to the realization of this crucial infrastructure development.

In a display of political engagement, Otu embarked on a meticulously planned assessment visit to the airport on Monday. With an air of satisfaction, Otu openly expressed contentment with the notable progress achieved thus far.

The esteemed governor dedicated an entire weekend to diligently inspecting the ongoing projects spearheaded by the visionary Ayade and engaging in meaningful dialogues with key stakeholders in the esteemed Cross River northern district.

In a statement issued today, Governor Otu expressed his profound admiration for the exceptional caliber and remarkable extent of the work accomplished within these premises. According to my analysis, it appears that the airport has indeed reached a state of readiness. In this current state of affairs, it is evident that all aspects are firmly rooted in the ground, with the exception of the tarmac, which has reached its final stage of development.

According to reliable sources within the aviation industry, contractors collaborating closely with regulatory officials have expressed their confidence in the timely restoration of operations at this location, provided that the requisite support is promptly extended. These industry experts have estimated a projected timeline of six months for the resumption of activities at this site, subject to the fulfillment of necessary requirements.

According to our sources, this project holds immense significance as it aims to stimulate economic prosperity for the state of Cross River. In the realm of tourism, one cannot overlook the historical significance and potential of the esteemed Obudu Ranch Resort. With a legacy spanning decades, this iconic establishment demands our attention as we contemplate its revival and subsequent reinvigoration. The time has come to harness its latent potential and restore it to its former glory, breathing new life into this cherished destination.

The aforementioned airport serves as the primary infrastructure that will effectively facilitate the movement of individuals and vehicles to and from the Ranch.

According to the governor, his assessment reveals that the progress made at the airport thus far can be described as nothing short of exceptional.

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In a recent statement, Governor Otu has revealed an intriguing plan for the Bebi airstrip. The esteemed governor has expressed the state government’s intention to establish an aviation school at the facility, thereby enhancing its operational capabilities. This strategic move aims to provide a valuable complement to the existing functions of the airstrip, potentially opening up new avenues for growth and development in the region.

In a swift rejoinder to the Governor’s remarks, the contractors responsible for the ambitious Obudu Cargo Airport project, represented by Josiah Samuel, have expressed their unwavering commitment to meeting the stipulated deadlines. Samuel emphasized that their sole requirement is unequivocal support from the government, which they believe will enable them to successfully execute the project within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Based on visual observations, it is evident that a substantial amount of effort and resources have been dedicated to this particular undertaking. With the government’s commitment to providing sufficient support, it is expected that this airport, boasting international standards, will be fully operational within a span of six months.

In a remarkable feat, the runway at this particular location spans an impressive distance of over three kilometers, rivaling the lengths found at various other international airports catering to both passenger and cargo operations within the nation of Nigeria.

The Control Tower stands poised and prepared, its navigational equipment meticulously arranged and primed for action. At this juncture, we find ourselves positioned upon the binders course, measuring a substantial 60 meters in length. It is worth noting that atop this foundation, an additional 70 meters of wearing course is slated to be added, thereby achieving an optimal thickness for the runway.

In this particular region, we find ourselves with a noteworthy observation regarding the infrastructure. The local airports, typically equipped with runways spanning a modest distance of 2 kilometers, pale in comparison to the subject at hand. The runway in question, measuring an impressive 3.2 kilometers, surpasses the standard length by a significant margin. Moreover, when considering the accompanying skipping area, the cumulative expanse extends to a remarkable total of over 5 kilometers. The individual in question confidently asserted that the current situation at hand bears resemblance to that of any other global hub for the transportation of goods and individuals.

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