Gov. Uba Sani: I did not reject El-Rufai’s ministry nominee

Recently, Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani, came out to dispute claims that he had rejected Nasir El-rufai’s cabinet candidacy.

Following that, it was revealed that El-Rufai’s nomination had been withdrawn during the screening process due to a lack of security checks. The competent authorities reached this decision because they believed it was critical to conduct a thorough review of the nominee’s security history.

Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has publicly rejected an offer. He has, however, used his right to choose a replacement.

Muhammad Lawal Shehu, the governor’s spokesperson, has now come forth to respond to the growing reports. Shehu has declared emphatically that these reports are not only false but also appear to be intended to incite conflict between Uba Sani and Governor El-Rufai.

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In a recent statement, the Governor stated unequivocally that his meeting with the president was the most important aspect of the tale. He insisted that the subject of a replacement nominee was never broached during their chat.

He made an emotional plea to media outlets, social media users, and blogging sites in a recent statement. He asked them to be cautious and responsible while disseminating information, particularly false and vicious accusations. Concerns have been expressed regarding the potential harm that such disinformation could create, as it has the potential to mislead readers and exacerbate domestic political tensions.

In an impassioned speech, he pushed journalists to embrace their critical position as the realm’s fourth estate. He asked them to publish verified and balanced reports that would certainly support positive contributions to the nation’s progress while remaining committed to integrity.

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