In Plateau, the military recovers 130 illegal weapons

The Special Military Task Force known as Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) has recently made tremendous progress in its objective to maintain peace in Plateau and its neighboring territories. According to official data, the task force has successfully seized a total of 130 illicit weapons in various locations throughout the state and other areas of its combined operation. This great effort by OPSH demonstrates its dedication to safeguarding the safety and security of the affected communities.

During a major occasion in Jos, Maj.-Gen. Abdusalam Abubakar, the respected Commander of OPSH, made a surprising disclosure. He ceremoniously handed up a cache of confiscated guns to the prestigious National Centre for the Control of Small Arms and Light Guns (NCCSALW) on Monday.

In a recent statement, Abubakar, a major Plateau official, underlined their commitment to tackle the region’s severe issue of insecurity. It was underlined that the weapons were successfully recovered using a comprehensive plan that included both kinetic and non-kinetic means.

Our troops have effectively foiled different criminal activities and acts of violence in a show of unyielding commitment. They have taken an offensive approach and conducted multiple kinetic operations, resulting in major seizures of illegal firearms.

The troops of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) have reached a significant milestone in a magnificent demonstration of operational prowess. Their unwavering efforts have resulted in the seizure of 130 small arms and light weapons from the hands of criminals. This laudable achievement demonstrates the OPSH’s dedication and efficacy in ensuring regional peace and security.

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A mind-boggling assortment of weapons has recently been revealed. 29 Dane guns, 53 fabricated revolver rifles, 14 AK-47 rifles, one English pistol, 21 locally fabricated pistols, one G3 rifle, and eight locally fabricated AK-47 rifles were discovered. These findings provide insight into the area’s concerning presence of various guns.

The individual showed a surprising array of seized weapons in a recent statement. Nine Harrisburg pistols, two locally made SMGs, 28 AK-47 rifles, and three locally made magazines were among the weapons seized. In addition, authorities uncovered one RPG7 tube and four RPG7 rockets with chargers. The ammunition hoard was equally astounding, with 1,522 rounds of various sorts and 500 rounds developed specifically for 9mm rifles. The individual disclosed these facts, as well as other undisclosed items.

In a recent statement, Abubakar thanked the inhabitants of the state for their constant support and cooperation in achieving this extraordinary feat. He reassured the public that the forces involved in the operation will respect justice and fairness for everyone involved.

We are dedicated to maintaining a high tempo of operations in order to successfully combat illegal activity within our common operational zone.

In a resolute statement, he highlighted that they will maintain professionalism, make bold judgments, and meet their constitutional responsibilities as soon as possible.

Maj.-Gen. Hamza Bature, the center’s North-Central Coordinator, acknowledged the receiving of illicit weapons by OPSH in a laudable display of efforts to combat instability in the state.

OPSH has once again handed over a cache of recovered illegal weapons to our authorities in a laudable endeavor. This is the second time they have taken such action, proving their dedication to combatting the presence of these unlawful weapons.

In a stunning turn of events, the recovery of a single weapon from an illegal individual has the potential to save several lives.

In a recent remark, he asked the population to join forces with the military and other security authorities to fight the ongoing insecurity in our country. Citizens are encouraged to actively participate in information-sharing and intelligence-gathering initiatives as part of the call to action. It is hoped that through combining forces, all types of insecurity can be thoroughly eradicated from our society.

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