Jigawa Governor Namadi swore in 16 new commissioners

In a grand ceremony, Governor Umar Namadi of Jigawa State proudly inaugurated a distinguished group of 16 commissioners. These exceptional individuals had recently been confirmed by the esteemed state House of Assembly, solidifying their positions as key decision-makers in the state’s administration.

The grand ceremony took place within the majestic Government House Chamber, nestled in the heart of Dutse, the capital city of the state.

The governor has bestowed portfolios upon the recently appointed commissioners, entrusting them with the important task of wholeheartedly pursuing the administration’s 12-point agenda.

Introducing the fresh faces of the commission! We have Ibrahim Babangida Umar Ministry, who will be leading the charge in the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning. Joining him is the brilliant Prof Hannatu Sabo Muhammad, who will be taking the reins at the Ministry of Finance. Next up, we have the esteemed Dr Muhammad Abdullahi Kainuwa, who will be spearheading the efforts in the Ministry of Health. Aminu Kanta will be lending his expertise to the Ministry of Commerce, ensuring a prosperous future for our economy. And last but certainly not least, we have the dynamic Ahmed Garba MK, who will be overseeing the Ministry for Local Government. With this exceptional team in place, we can look forward to a future filled with innovation, progress, and prosperity.

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In addition to the esteemed individuals mentioned, we have the pleasure of introducing a few more remarkable individuals who play vital roles in our government. Among them is Ibrahim Garba Hannun Giwa, a dedicated member of the Ministry of Water Resources, who tirelessly works to ensure the sustainable management of this precious resource. Dr. Lawan Yunusa Danzomo, a visionary leader, serves as a pillar of the Ministry of Basic Education, where he strives to provide quality education to every child, paving the way for a brighter future. Dr. Isah Yusuf Chamo, a brilliant mind, contributes his expertise to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology, where he spearheads innovative initiatives that push the boundaries of knowledge. Sagir Musa Ahmed, a charismatic individual, brings his passion for communication and youth development to the forefront as he serves in the Ministry of Information, Youth, Sports, and Culture. Lastly, we have the honor of introducing Hadiza Abdulwahab, a compassionate advocate for women’s rights, who dedicates her efforts to the Ministry of Women Affairs, ensuring that the voices of women are heard and their needs are met. Together, these exceptional individuals form a dynamic team, working tirelessly to shape a better future for our society.

The distinguished individuals who complete the esteemed group are none other than Col. Muhammad Alhassan (retd.), who will be serving in the Ministry of Lands and Regional Planning, Dr. Nura Ibrahim Dandoka, who will be contributing his expertise to the Ministry of Environment, Gambo Shu’aibu Mallam, who will be overseeing the Ministry of Works, Auwal Danladi Sankara, who will be entrusted with the Ministry of Special Duties, Musa Adamu Aliyu, who will be upholding justice in the Ministry of Justice, and last but not least, Muttaka Namadi, who will be dedicating his efforts to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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