John Gotti III suspended over brawl with Mayweather

The Florida State Athletic Commission has declared that Gotti will be subject to a six-month suspension due to his involvement in a squabble with Mayweather and his team following the match held at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, on Sunday, June 11. Hence, there will be no immediate rematch between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III.

Gotti, known as the grandson of notorious New York mobster John Gotti, had a disqualification by referee Kenny Bayless during the sixth round of the match. His disqualification arose from repeated instances of grabbing Mayweather. Demonstrating a lack of control, Gotti forcefully pushed aside the referee and charged at Mayweather, leading to a disorderly scene as both boxers’ entourages entered the ring and engaged in multiple physical squabbles.

Despite the brawl, it was gathered by TMZ that Gotti III and Mayweather “ended up hashing things out once cooler heads prevailed,” and are already having talks about an eventual rematch.

However, if they have intentions of having the fight in Florida, they will have to wait till December.


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