Kano anti-corruption commission arrests Ganduje’s commissioner and others for alleged N1 billion fraud

In a move that appears to be bringing the former governor of Kano State, Umar Abdullahi Ganduje, closer to justice, the State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission has taken into custody four individuals, including Ganduje’s former commissioner, in connection with claims of a N1 billion scam. The move comes as a result of the State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission’s investigation into allegations of a bribery scheme.

Barr Muhyi Magaji Rimin Gado, who was just recently reassigned to the job of anti-graft czar in the state, said that everyone who had been accused of bribery or corruption would be made to pay for their wrongdoings. He was recently reassigned to his previous position.

This has now led to the arrest and incarceration of the former commissioner for works and infrastructure, Engr Idris Wada Saleh, together with five other individuals on suspicion of perpetrating fraud involving the sum of N1 billion. In addition, Engr Idris Wada Saleh was held in custody alongside the other defendants.

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The commissioner, who was also the Managing Director of the Kano Road Maintenance Agency, Mustapha Madaki Huguma, the Permanent Secretary of the Public Procurement Bureau, the Director of Finance, the Director of Research and Planning, and several others were arrested on Monday evening over allegations that they withdrew more than one billion naira for the rehabilitation of thirty roads and drainage in the metropolitan area, projects that were allegedly not carried out. The allegations stem from the fact that they allegedly did not carry out the projects.

In April of 2023, the money that was taken out in three separate sections was put into the accounts of three different businesses, according to information that was provided to DAILY POST by a person working within the commission.

In direct defiance of the provisions of the Procurement Act 2021, the Public Procurement Bureau even went so far as to provide a certificate of no objection for the contract after the payment had already been made ten days earlier.

According to the source, the Due Process office claimed that the certificate of no objection was issued since the Kano Road Maintenance Agency stated that the restoration of the roads would be carried out by direct labor but the papers that were submitted read otherwise. Therefore, the Due Process office stated that there was no reason to raise an objection to the provision of the certificate of no objection.

Abba Kabir, a spokesman for the commission, has confirmed that the individuals who have been arrested are now being questioned by investigators and that they will be charged in front of the court as soon as the investigation is completed.

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