Launch a program to distribute free condoms, Murray-Bruce instructs the FG

Former MP Ben Murray-Bruce has made a suggestion to the next health minister and the federal government in the face of challenging economic times. Murray-Bruce has proposed implementing a free condom distribution program.

In a statement, Murray-Bruce, a well-known individual, proposed a solution to the major economic problems that Nigerians are currently facing. These difficulties have wreaked havoc on the middle class and increased the country’s already dire poverty levels.

The former congressman claimed in a recent social media post that ensuring access to contraceptives is a key step in mitigating the risk of population growth.

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In a statement issued today, the author emphasized the urgent need for a quick reaction to Nigeria’s mounting economic challenges. The middle class has suffered immensely, and poverty has reached terrifying proportions. To solve this grave situation, the new Health Minister or the federal government must act immediately by initiating a free condom distribution program.

Experts emphasize the crucial importance of establishing widespread access to contraception in order to address the future challenge of population growth. This is especially essential because the majority of individuals may be forced to choose basic needs above family planning alternatives due to financial constraints. In a statement, the user emphasized the importance of taking early measures to avoid a potential socioeconomic calamity in the future. According to them, a single ounce of prevention today could potentially spare us from severe effects later.

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