Most crimes in Nigeria are committed by illegal migrants, according to NIS

According to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), illegal immigrants are primarily to blame for Nigeria’s criminal activity.

During a press conference held on Tuesday to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Service in Ilorin, the Kwara State Comptroller of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), Aminu Shamsuddin, addressed journalists. Shamsuddin highlighted the geographical proximity of Nigeria to francophone countries, emphasizing that nationals from these neighboring nations are particularly susceptible and have a strong desire to seek refuge in Nigeria.

In a recent statement, the individual emphasized the importance of the National Immigration Service (NIS) implementing additional measures to thoroughly examine each immigrant upon their arrival.

In a bold statement, individuals express their belief that Nigeria is a veritable paradise, proudly proclaiming themselves as the cradle of Africa. In a remarkable display of determination, individuals from various backgrounds continue to face challenges in their quest to become part of the Nigerian community. Undeterred by the obstacles that lie ahead, these individuals are willing to go to great lengths, including investing substantial amounts of money, in order to obtain a coveted Nigerian passport. In their quest for naturalization, it has come to light that some individuals are resorting to marrying Nigerians. This revelation has prompted a meticulous examination of every immigrant.

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In a recent statement, he confidently declared, “By means of our rigorous training, we possess the ability to readily determine an individual’s Nigerian nationality.”

In a recent statement, Shamsuddin shed light on the intricacies involved in the scrutiny processes that can occasionally cause delays in the issuance of international passports. He emphasized the importance of Nigerians exhibiting understanding and patience during this period.

In a recent statement, he emphasized that the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) stands out among other paramilitary agencies for its close proximity to the people. He highlighted the various services provided by the NIS, which have contributed to its strong connection with the citizens.

In a recent statement, Shamsuddin addressed the audience and shared that Caroline Wuraola Adepoju, the Acting Comptroller General of NIS, has issued a directive to all 36 states in the federation to commemorate the diamond jubilee anniversary.

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