Mutfwang: We inherited a N307 billion debt from the Lalong administration

Caleb Mutfwang, the current governor of Plateau State, announced that his administration is plagued with a debt load of N307 billion inherited from the administration that came before them in the state.

The governor made the announcement shortly after hearing the committee findings on Plateau State’s Transition and Strategic Development Framework on Monday in Jos.

Professor Ganyir Lombin was the chairman of both committees.

Despite the state’s massive debt, the governor proclaimed his will to lead the state to greater heights.

Mutfwang, in particular, stated that he is prepared to confront the state’s current security challenges.

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“We were under the mistaken impression that our debt burden was somewhere around N200 billion throughout the entire campaign season; to hear that it is N307 billion is quite intimidating and worrisome,” he continued. “To learn that it is N307 billion is both intimidating and concerning.”

The governor vowed to thoroughly analyze the material that was provided to him, and he stated that additional investigation would be conducted, followed by appropriate action.

Earlier, Lombin explained why the two committees, both of which had nominations from the previous administration as members, were unable to present their findings jointly due to operational concerns.

He highlighted that the handover notes presented to the governor on May 29 departed from the joint committee’s agreed form.

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