NEMA predicts flooding in 11 Niger LGs

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has issued a warning to eleven (11) local government areas in Niger State, urging them to make necessary preparations in anticipation of an imminent flood during the upcoming rainy season.

According to a statement released on Friday by Zhinab Sa’idu, the head of Minna Operations at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), it has been determined through predictive analysis that the local government areas of Mokwa, Shiroro, Lavun, and Borgu in the state are classified as high flood risk areas. These regions are anticipated to encounter significant flooding during the period spanning from July to November.

According to her elaboration, Edati, Gbako, Wushishi, Rafi, Mashegu, Magama, and Agwara are classified as regions with moderate susceptibility to flooding.

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Zhinab elucidated that Niger State has commenced encountering flood and windstorm occurrences in certain regions, underscoring the imperative for the state’s populace to adopt stringent measures in order to avert additional harm to assets and the loss of human lives.

The environmental scientist strongly recommends that individuals residing in the impacted local government areas take proactive measures to maintain the cleanliness of drainages, thereby preventing the obstruction of waterways and channels. Furthermore, she emphasizes the critical importance for those residing in flood plains and along river banks to promptly relocate to elevated and more secure areas.

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