NEWS FLASH: A lawmaker was killed in Enugu

In a tragic turn of events, the esteemed Councilor Nelson Sylvester, affectionately referred to as Ofunwa, hailing from the illustrious Eha-Ulo ward, within the esteemed Nsukka Local Government Area Legislative Council in the revered Enugu State, has regrettably met an untimely demise as a result of a fatal gunshot wound.

According to reliable sources, it has come to the attention of the Gist House that the esteemed legislator met an untimely demise at the hands of assailants on the fateful evening of Sunday. This tragic incident occurred within the confines of his abode, situated in the serene locality of Eha-Alumonah.

While the precise particulars of the incident remain somewhat elusive, a reliable and knowledgeable informant has divulged that a group of assailants forcefully infiltrated the abode of the esteemed legislator, subsequently unleashing a barrage of projectiles upon his person.

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The Councilor, in a desperate and ill-fated attempt, sought refuge within the confines of a neighboring compound, only to meet his untimely demise. Subsequently, his lifeless remains were subsequently discovered and retrieved.

The recent development has ignited a palpable sense of unease and apprehension not only within the town itself but also among the surrounding communities.

According to an anonymous source, the alleged act of assassination has been deemed as an excessive occurrence, evoking sentiments of profound distress and incredulity. The source further expressed that this distressing event is profoundly difficult for us to accept and come to terms with. Our nation finds itself immersed in a profound state of distress and anguish.

In an attempt to gather crucial information, Gist House diligently reached out to the esteemed Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of Enugu, DSP Daniel Ndukwe. Regrettably, the PPRO expressed his unavailability to respond to our inquiries at this time. The esteemed recipient was also graced with the transmission of a text message, yet regrettably, has not yet deemed it necessary to provide a response at the time of the completion of this report.

In the realm of forthcoming developments, there exists a plethora of events that are poised to transpire in the near future. These unfolding occurrences, yet to be fully revealed.

More details coming soon…

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