Niger Republic: Nigeria is not a pushover and should not be hesitant to employ force – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a social commentator, has stated that Nigeria is not a pushover and should not be afraid to use its military-industrial complex to promote the cause of democracy and the rule of law in Niger Republic, despite the fact that Nigerians earnestly and routinely pray against war.

According to Omokri, Nigeria has a vested interest in what occurs in Niger Republic, just as Russia does in Ukraine and America has in Cuba.

In a tweet, the social critic boasted that Nigeria’s defense expenditure is bigger than the combined budgets of all ECOWAS member states.

He went on to say that Nigeria acting to restore the rule of law in Niger could be preferable to building a wall.

“Nigeria’s defense budget is larger than the combined defense budgets of every other ECOWAS state,” he wrote. Our military troops outnumber those of the other fourteen ECOWAS states combined. The annual Gross Domestic Product of ECOWAS is $760 billion. Nigeria generates over $500 billion, or 63% of that total.

“Thus, while we fervently, strenuously, and consistently pray against war, Nigeria should not be a pushover, nor should it be afraid of using its military-industrial complex to advance the cause of democracy and the rule of law.” We have a vested stake in what occurs in the neighboring Niger Republic, just as Russia does in Ukraine and America does in Cuba.

“The days of President Obama destabilizing Libya and then handing off and leaving Nigeria to bear the consequences in the form of Boko Haram, which were essentially a spillover effect of the Libyan crisis, are long gone.”

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“Political insecurity in the Sahel will not be borne directly by France, NATO, or Russia.” Libya and Chad, which share a border with Niger, are in a state of flux. Algeria is adamantly opposed to opening its borders to non-Arab and non-Amazigh people. Mali is dealing with hydra-headed concerns such as a power struggle, an Islamist insurgency, and population growth that exceeds GDP growth.

“As a result, if there is political and economic instability in Niger, refugees, and migrants will naturally flock to Nigeria.”

“This is why it is in Nigeria’s best interests to restore the rule of law in Niger.” Either that, or we construct a Trump-style barrier between us and them.

“Singapore is possibly the world’s least mineral-rich country.” Despite this, she has the world’s strongest passport, according to the Henley Index, and one of the world’s highest per capita earnings, at about $90,000. And the reason for this is Singapore’s unwavering adherence to the rule of law.

“The above implies that intervening to restore the rule of law in Niger may be a better option than building a wall.”

“Those who believe this is a Western imperialist action should give Nigeria some credit.” We’ve reached adulthood. We recognize our left from our right. We can also pursue our own agenda and protect our own interests. And Russia is not the savior in this situation. Neither the United States nor NATO are. Nigeria is the Black Messiah!”

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