Removal of subsidies: Tinubu “willing to double the minimum wage”

Ajuri Ngelale, President Bola Tinubu’s special adviser on media and publicity, detailed an ambitious goal by his boss in a recent statement. President Tinubu, according to Ngelale, intends to “double” the current minimum salary. This announcement has piqued people’s interest and generated concerns about the impact on workers’ livelihoods. While the country waits for more information, the anticipated wage increase has already sparked considerable interest and anticipation.

Ngelale made the following statement during an interview on Channels Television on Thursday night.

In a recent statement, he expressed worry about the impact of the elimination of the petroleum subsidy on the Nigerian people, underlining that the federal government is well aware of the difficulties that its inhabitants experience.

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According to a recent announcement, the current national minimum wage is N30,000. However, an important development has occurred, as Ngelale, a key person, has stated that the withdrawal of the subsidy has allowed states to now have adequate cash to absorb a new national minimum wage.

The individual asserts in a statement that the current scenario is undeniably obvious. They express a desire to avoid preempting President Bola Tinubu.

The user recently stated their reluctance to interfere with the ongoing operations of the minimum wage review committee. In a statement, the user underscored the president’s clear aim for nothing less than a doubling, leaving no opportunity for compromise.

Ngelale recently stated that the present minimum wage will be significantly increased, maybe double its current value.

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