Sit-at-home: We’ve alerted security agencies – Mbah promises residents

Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah has assured residents and tourists conducting business in the state of their safety, emphasizing that his administration has already placed security agencies on high alert to prevent security breaches and protect their lives and property.

The Governor, who also urged people to erase all memories of sit-at-home in the state, said the administration was doing all possible to coordinate with neighboring states in order to expel criminals from their hideouts.

Governor Mbah made these pledges on Thursday in Enugu during a meeting with the Presidents-General (PGs) of all the state’s autonomous communities, who also offered their support for ending the illegal sit-at-home order enforced by hoodlums and making the state more appealing to investors.

He regretted the destructive effects of the illegal sit-in, such as impoverishing citizens and scaring potential investors, and promised that his administration will deal harshly with criminal groups disrupting the state’s tranquility.

According to him, there is a link between sitting at home and poverty among the people, and he warned that security operatives would continue to target hooligans, victimizing the public for an illegitimate reason.

He questioned why those sitting in the comfort of their homes somewhere overseas would be hurting innocent people in a sponsored endeavor to destabilize the region, claiming that only those living in illusion would perpetrate atrocities while claiming to be fighting for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s freedom.

Mbah emphasized his commitment to making the state more appealing to private investors, creating jobs, training youngsters on digital transformation, and restoring the state’s lost grandeur through his programs and initiatives.

“It is time to take charge of our destiny.” It’s past time to say enough of this scourge because we’re using it to marginalize ourselves.

“How does this illegal sit-in by criminals affect the Federal Government or Abuja’s economic planning?” Don’t let individuals trick you into thinking they’re fighting for your cause.

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“They are criminals paid to destabilize our state, region, and people.” We must stand up to them and say, “Enough!” We must erase all memories of sit-at-home and return to our culture of industry, innovation, and trade.

“We did tell you that we intend to transition the state from a public-sector to a private-sector-driven economy by increasing GDP sevenfold.” We can only carry out this massive and ambitious agenda in a peaceful and secure environment.

“So I urge you to galvanize your communities and spread the message that there is no such thing as sitting at home on Monday or any other day.”

“By overcoming fear and refusing to allow anyone to make us inferior without our consent, we can collectively end sit-at-home.”

“With peace and security, we can generate enough wealth, create jobs, meaningfully engage our people, and fulfill our promises to the people,” the governor concluded.

Responding to the governor, Sir Eze Solomon, one of the PGs who spoke on behalf of the Enugu West Senatorial Zone Association of Town Unions, praised the governor for his proactive approach to reducing insecurity and protecting civilians from hoodlums.

He, on the other hand, bemoaned the lack of police presence in rural communities, pushing the state to deploy more security forces to boost public trust.

Dr. Barth Nwankwo, on his part, praised Mbah for the plans and policies his administration had implemented in just a few days in office, stating that they were ready to work with both the state and local governments to flush out marauders in their areas.

While taking turns speaking, Hon. Isaac Onyia, Hon. Ejike Iloh, Hon. Ogbodo Arinze, Chief Bony Edeh, and Barr. Paully Eze urged the governor to launch an aggressive sensitization campaign, particularly in rural areas, to educate people on the importance of going about their normal business, as sitting at home had become a thing of the past.

The PGs also urged the governor to reorganize, train, equip, and reinforce community policing via Neighbourhood Watch, Forest Guard, and vigilante groups.

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