Subsidy elimination: Niger to spend N3 billion on palliatives

Niger State Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago recently announced that the state has budgeted three billion naira for palliative care for its inhabitants. This measure is in response to the loss of subsidies, with the goal of lessening the impact of this decision on the people of Niger State.

Bago revealed this information unexpectedly at the end of a two-day retreat. Commissioners, members of the illustrious Niger State House of Assembly, special advisers, chairmen of Local Government Councils, and leaders of numerous Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) attended the retreat at Suleja.

In a recent statement, he claimed that significant budgetary allocations had been made for a number of wards in the Chanchaga, Bida, Suleja, and Kontagora local government regions. Each ward in these locations will receive a considerable sum of N20 million under this scheme. Furthermore, it has been said that the remaining wards in the remaining 21 local government areas will benefit from this attempt, with each ward receiving N10 million.

The governor has stated that funding will be allocated for ward-level food purchases. These laws, according to the governor, are intended to aid those living in rural areas.

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In a recent remark, he indicated that plans are being made to form a committee dedicated to the rapid resolution of the issue at hand.

During the seminar, Bago recommended the political appointees be more proactive in terms of revenue production. He stressed the value of money in sustaining the state’s growth objectives.

In a recent statement, he underlined the need for easily available cash in providing stability to high-level concepts. He emphasized that every member of government must have an active and deliberate approach to revenue generation. He stated that this is necessary in order to successfully satisfy citizens’ demands.

Mohammed Madami Etsu, the renowned chairman of the board of the Niger State Internal Revenue Service, has given the governor confidence in a quick reaction to the pressing issue of revenue production at the occasion. Etsu has declared that the revenue service will do everything possible to help the company reach its goals.

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