Taraba village is devastated by flooding

Residents of the Gashaka Local Government Area in Taraba State’s core geopolitical zone are counting their losses following a wave of severe rain.

In a disastrous turn of events, a steady deluge blanketed the area for around six hours on Sunday. As a result, several homes were flooded, and valuable items valued in the millions of Naira were tragically carried away. In a terrible turn of events, the recent flood carried away not only homes and infrastructure but also precious farm produce and domestic animals.

Citizens have asked the state administration and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for aid. They have also made an appeal to National Assembly members representing the zone, pleading with them to help.

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Dauda Ali, a farmer in Serti, the council’s administrative seat, has written a devastating account of the recent flood that swept over the area. Ali, who had hoped for a bountiful harvest, is now faced with the heartbreaking reality that his farm has been completely destroyed. Tragically, this fatal force of nature has wrecked his dreams, as well as the dreams of other farmers in the vicinity.

He expressed grave concern in a sad tone about the finances provided to farms, revealing that these funds were obtained through loans from both cooperatives and individuals.

In a recent interview, Suleiman Abba, a resident of the affected area, expressed concern about the loss of goats and sheep as a result of the devastating flood.

Victims seeking refuge in public areas have come forward, shedding light on the origin of the devastating flood that has devastated their community. The calamity, according to these individuals, can be traced back to the area’s clear lack of proper drainage infrastructure.

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