The government of Benue has identified 2,500 ghost workers

In a stunning revelation, the Benue State government, under the astute leadership of Governor Hyacinth Alia, has made a groundbreaking discovery. A staggering number of 2,500 ghost workers have been unearthed, clandestinely embedded within the state’s payroll system. This shocking revelation has sent shockwaves through the corridors of power, as the government grapples with the implications of this audacious act of deceit. The diligent efforts of the state government have shed light on a deeply entrenched issue, exposing the vulnerabilities within the payroll system that have allowed these phantom employees to go undetected for an extended period. As the investigation unfolds, the government is steadfast in its commitment to hold those responsible accountable, ensuring that such malfeasance is

In a communiqué released on Thursday, as conveyed by Sir Tersoo Kula, the Chief Press Secretary, the Governor conveyed his remorse regarding the untimely disbursement of remuneration to educators in both primary and secondary educational institutions, in addition to personnel employed by local government entities.

In a statement, the Governor elucidated that the determination to postpone the proceedings was made subsequent to the government’s unearthing of what they deemed as “reckless inflation of the wage expenditure, alongside various deceitful machinations pertaining to their remuneration records.”

In a statement released today, Governor Alia emphasized the necessity of the decision in light of recent discoveries. The governor asserted that this measure was crucial to facilitate the government’s efforts in purging and purifying the payroll system. According to Governor Alia, the primary objective of this endeavor is to accurately determine the state’s wage bill and identify the deserving employees who truly merit their wages.

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In a groundbreaking announcement, the esteemed individual disclosed that a comprehensive assessment of personnel and remuneration records has reached its initial stage. This meticulous process, aimed at scrutinizing the employment status of educators and public servants, has yielded remarkable results. Astonishingly, a staggering number of 2500 fictitious employees have been detected and promptly eradicated from the payroll.

In a stunning revelation, the individual in question has brought to light a series of alarming payroll infractions that have sent shockwaves through the system. These infractions include the identification of ghost workers, ghost schools, instances of double dipping, unlawful employment practices, salary padding, payments made to deceased or retired individuals, as well as unlawful replacements and an inflation of the wage bill. These findings have undoubtedly raised serious concerns about the integrity and efficiency of the payroll system.

In a resolute statement, the individual in question unequivocally affirmed that diligent workers who have undergone a thorough screening process shall be duly remunerated prior to the conclusion of the current week. It is worth highlighting that the government’s efforts extend beyond the mere identification and elimination of fictitious employees and the eradication of deceitful practices associated with payroll manipulation. In fact, proactive measures are being implemented to safeguard the integrity of the systems moving forward.

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