The kidnapped RSBC Director of News has been released

Mrs. Priestba Anthony-Wokocha, a Port Harcourt-based journalist who was kidnapped last week by unknown assailants, has been released.

In an exclusive report shared with Today FM, a prominent radio station in Port Harcourt, a reliable source from the family has disclosed a significant development regarding the abduction of Mrs. Anthony-Wokocha. The source revealed that she, who holds the esteemed position of Director of News at the Rivers State Broadcasting Corporation, was successfully released from captivity last night by her abductors.

According to a family member, the circumstances surrounding her release remain uncertain, leaving it unclear whether any ransom was indeed paid.

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As of now, the Rivers State Police Command has not yet confirmed the development to members of the press.

In an exclusive report, it has been revealed that the kidnappers, in a shocking turn of events, reached out to the family of Mrs. Anthony-Wokocha with a demand for a staggering sum of N150 million in exchange for her safe release. However, it appears that negotiations took an unexpected twist as the abductors later decided to significantly reduce the ransom amount to N10 million. The circumstances surrounding this sudden change remain unclear, leaving the family and authorities grappling with the complexities of this distressing situation.

In a harrowing incident that unfolded last week, Anthony-Wokocha found herself at the mercy of armed assailants as she made her way home from work. The unfortunate turn of events occurred around 8pm when her vehicle suddenly experienced a mechanical failure.

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