Why FCT Minister Wike may clash with Tinubu – Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani, a well-known socio-political analyst, voiced concern in a statement made on Tuesday that Nyesom Wike, the recently appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, may become embroiled in “significant political turmoil” with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Someone recently commented on Wike’s abilities, underlining the danger of disagreement with the president as a result of his remarks or actions.

In a recent speech, the former Kaduna Central Senator encouraged Governor Wike to learn how to handle a difficult situation. To highlight the significance of caution, the senator employed a metaphor, equating it to walking through a minefield. Failure to do so could result in catastrophic results, similar to being blown up by an explosive device.

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In a recent tweet, Sani expressed complete trust in the newly appointed FCT minister’s ability to carry out his responsibilities. The man in question may find himself and the President embroiled in serious political turmoil as a result of his comments or behavior. Should he fall victim to its exploding risks, he faces the daunting task of mastering the art of traversing a deadly minefield.”

According to a recent event, Governor Wike made a bold declaration upon taking office as FCT Minister. He stated his determination to take decisive action by removing all unapproved constructions within the FCT, regardless of their owners’ socioeconomic level.

In an audacious move, he has vowed to outlaw open grazing within Abuja’s bounds.

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