Wilder: “I’ll knock out Joshua in the third round”

According to Saturday PUNCH, heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder of the United States has expressed confidence that he will knock out British-Nigerian Anthony Joshua and has pledged to do so in three rounds.

The Bronze Bomber is looking to prove that he is still the same boxer he was before he suffered his first loss to Tyson Fury by challenging Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua in 2023. He is trying to get a fight with both of them in order to do so.

December in Saudi Arabia was expected to be the location of the fight between the native of Alabama and Joshua, but there has been no official confirmation as of yet. On the other hand, Wilder is targeting a bout with Ruiz before taking on Joshua.

When asked about how Ruiz’s father questioned the money offer that his son got to fight Wilder, the former heavyweight champion of the WBC did not bite his tongue when commenting about it.
“I didn’t talk to Andy’s daddy about any type of money whatsoever,” Wilder stated, clarifying their previous statement.

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Andy is going to be 33 years old, completely destitute, and unable to provide for his children because his papa made all of the decisions for him. The decisions were ones that he ought to have taken for himself, he added when speaking to ES News.
“They’re taking about half and half?” In comparison to me, you don’t even come close. Put a stop to it. Andy and I are two completely different persons. It didn’t take Andy long at all to win the championship. I have successfully defended my titles for the past five years, totaling ten. Wilder stated, “What I possess is power, and I always have people on the edge of their seats.”
When asked to make a prediction on the Joshua fight, Wilder stated that there is no chance for the former heavyweight champion because “Joshua is a three-round fight.” People come to witness the gift that God has given me.

Andy, on the other hand, what kind of behavior are we observing from him? A short and stocky boxer with small hands that give him the appearance of being quick. This concludes the discussion. The only reason why anyone would want to see this fight is so that they can see how quickly I can finish him out. He said that Andy would only require one round of fighting.

Eddie Hearn, Wilder’s promoter, stated that negotiations are currently taking place between Wilder’s camp and that of Joshua’s camp with the Saudi moneymen in an effort to reach a deal so that Joshua can fight Wilder.

“Wilder’s squad is also in London at the moment. It demonstrates the level of dedication you have toward achieving that goal, so keep your fingers crossed. “We hope that we can come to an agreement on terms while they’re here, finalize the money, and proceed with that fight,” added Hearn.

Before Joshua fights Wilder in December, he might have to face Dillian Whyte in the summer of 2018.

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