Akpabio appoints three Oyo senators as committee chairmen

Godswill Akpabio, President of the Senate, has made a crucial declaration regarding the composition of the 10th Assembly’s standing committees. Three senators from Oyo State have been selected as chairs of separate committees, it has been discovered. This decision marks a watershed point in the Assembly’s establishment since these senators will play critical roles in creating and overseeing the legislative process.

Three distinguished senators have recently risen on the political landscape. These three individuals, Sharafadeen Alli, Yunus Akintunde, and Abdulfatai Buhari, have attracted the public’s attention with their outstanding accomplishments and contributions. Their political presence is predicted to cause substantial changes and affect the destiny of their particular constituencies.

According to a recent DAILY POST update, the dynamic combination of Alli and Akintunde are now spending their first term as parliamentarians. Meanwhile, Buhari, a major figure in the Senate, is serving his third term in office.

The trio won the election on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on February 25, 2023.

It was recently reported that Alli, Akintunde, and Buhari were chosen to represent their respective districts in Oyo State. Alli will represent Oyo South, while Akintunde will represent Oyo Central and Buhari will represent Oyo North. This announcement ushers in a new era of representation for the people of Oyo State, as these individuals take on the role of representing their constituents’ concerns and interests.

The Senate President made a historic statement on Monday night, revealing the long-awaited list of chairmen for the Senate’s standing committees. Among those appointed was Alli, who was given the prestigious job of chairman of the Senate Committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). It was recently revealed that he has been selected as the vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Customs.

Akintunde has recently been officially designated the newly appointed head of the Senate Committee on Environment. This momentous announcement comes on the heels of the declaration that Buhari will preside over the Committee on Aviation.

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