Bring Simon Ekpa to join us – Gov. Uzodinma to FG

In a recent development, Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State has made a strong plea to the Federal Government led by President Bola Tinubu and the security operatives. The governor is urging them to take immediate action and extradite Simon Ekpa, a Biafra agitator currently residing in Finland, back to Nigeria.

In a recent statement, Uzodinma, a prominent figure, expressed his opinion on the matter involving Ekpa, a Nigerian individual. Uzodinma firmly believes that Ekpa should be repatriated to Nigeria, with two possible outcomes awaiting him. Firstly, Ekpa could choose to comply with the sit-at-home directive issued by Uzodinma, thereby joining the movement. Alternatively, if Ekpa refuses to adhere to the directive, Uzodinma suggests that appropriate measures should be taken to hold him accountable for his alleged crimes.

On a momentous occasion at the Government House in Owerri, the distinguished individual in question placed a phone call while in the presence of Major General Hassan Dada, the newly appointed General Officer Commanding 82 Division, Enugu.

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In a resolute statement, the individual emphasized the imperative of peace in the Southeastern region and the urgent necessity to put an end to the prevailing insurgency.

In a recent statement by Uzodinma, he emphasized the significance of the widely observed sit-at-home order.

In a remote location in Finland, a man by the name of Simon Ekpa has emerged onto the scene.

In a statement issued today, concerned individuals expressed their hope that security agencies, specifically the military, in collaboration with the Federal Government, will take appropriate action regarding Simon Ekpa. The desired outcome, as stated, is for Ekpa to either return to Nigeria and join the rest of the community in observing the sit-at-home directive or face legal consequences.

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