Check Out Famous Star Banned From Using Ferrari For Life.

Ferrari is a well known Italian luxury sports car manufactured in Maranello, Italy. The dream car was  founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939.

The magnificent ride is known to have very strict guidelines regarding its cars. Guidelines such as ;

First, an owner cannot sell his/her car in the first year , the owners have to let the company know on time so it has an option of buying it back.

Second, the internal parts of the car can’t be changed for the first five years.

Third, this is a very important rule which states that the logo, colour and external parts of the car cannot be changed. Its totally disapproved.

Famous musician, Justin bieber  didn’t comply with the instructions some years back by repainting the car , auctioning it and carried out modifications. According to Entertainment Tonight , the celebrity auctioned the car for more than $400,000.

Justin bieber has now been blacklisted by Ferrari, he is banned from buying Ferrari cars for life.

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