China sends three ships to Nigeria to improve bilateral ties

On Sunday, the Chinese Navy Escort Task Group (ETG) 162, which is comprised of the MSL Destroyer NANNING, the MSL Frigate SANYA, and the Supply Ship WEISHANHU, visited Nigeria in an effort to deepen bilateral relations between the two nations.
The Chinese envoy meeting with senior personnel from the Nigerian Navy at NPA.

According to Mr. Chi Jian Chun, the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, the visitation of the Chinese ambassador, which is slated to take place from July 2 to July 6, will help improve maritime security inside West Africa.

The MSL Destroyer NANNING conducted the port visit at Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) Berth 21, while the other two ships stayed at anchorage, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

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Chun stated that the Chinese delegation was large, consisting of more than 700 individuals and three ships that traveled to Nigeria.

“The purpose of the visit is to further develop the relationship that the two countries have with one another. In addition, the visit will strive to strengthen and improve our friendship as well as our collaboration with each other.

“This visit demonstrates the harmony and symphony between Nigeria and China,” he added. “This visit demonstrates the harmony between Nigeria and China.”

The envoy stated that China and Nigeria will continue to cooperate in the promotion of peace and harmony and would also look for methods to make contributions to the global community.

“I hope that the cooperation between the military sectors of both countries will deepen as a result of this visit, which will allow us to work together to address challenges.

Chun has stated that “we will continue to do more things” to support and enhance the relationship that exists between the two countries.

Additionally, the Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) of the Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Joseph Akpan, stated that the visitation would further assist in contributing to the consolidation of the connection between the two nations.

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This is particularly between the Chinese Navy and the Nigerian Navy, as well as between the military forces of both countries. This will assist us in our fight against criminal activity, particularly in the Gulf of Guinea.

During the course of their visit, our men will engage in conversation with one another, we will participate in a few competitive events, and we will give and receive presents.

“We will also discuss the future of both navies, particularly with regard to how we can benefit from each other,” said Akpan. “We have a lot to learn from each other.”

The Chinese were able to have some of their own soldiers onto our ship because of a practice known as “sea riders,” according to the FOC, who also stated that the practice permitted some members of the Nigerian Navy to board the Chinese ship.

“This helps to foster friendship across the horizon,” said Akpan. “It broadens the scope of friendship.”

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