Dean Saunders picks England’s top midfielder, saying he is better than Declan Rice

Trent Alexander-Arnold, who plays for Liverpool, has been deemed the finest midfielder in England by Dean Saunders, who played for Liverpool in the past.

Alexander-Arnold, who now plays right back for Liverpool, is seen to be a better option by Saunders than Rice, who is scheduled to make the move from West Ham United to Arsenal in the next summer.

Thegisthouse mentions that Alexander-Arnold did a good job for Liverpool and England toward the close of the previous season while playing in the central midfield position.

On the other hand, it appears as though Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, will move him back to right-back when the 2023–2024 season of the Premier League begins the new campaign the following month.

“Trent is, in my opinion, the best English midfield player there is in England.” According to what Saunders said on talkSPORT, “I think he is better than all of them.”

“If you play him in midfield, he can do everything that Declan Rice does, but he can also hit passes that Thiago [Alcantara] hits and sees it. If you play him in defense, he can do everything that Thiago [Alcantara] does.

“If I were Jurgen Klopp, I would switch Trent to the midfield position and purchase a right back.

I believe that Trent [Alexander-Arnold] was trained to play the midfield position when he was younger. He found himself playing fullback, but he’s got everything under control.

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