Doctors will restart their nationwide strike in response to the kidnapping of a member

The National Association of Resident Doctors has called off its strike, in an unexpected turn of events. However, there are developing allegations that medical staff, including the aforementioned association, may be planning another strike. The cause for this prospective move is the recent kidnapping of Neurologist Prof Ephraim Ekanem on July 13, 2023, when he was kidnapped at gunpoint.

Dr. Uche Ojinmah, National President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), has issued a severe ultimatum in a dramatic turn of events. Dr. Ojinmah has set a seven-day ultimatum for her own rescue, which is slated to expire this Friday, underscoring the essential necessity for her safe return.

On Saturday, Ojinmah addressed a group of journalists in a recent interview in Calabar.

Armed persons successfully abducted Prof Ekanem from her Calabar residence in a horrific occurrence. These crafty perpetrators went to considerable pains to deceive their victim, posing as patients to obtain entry to her home.

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In a recent statement, the NMA’s national president raised worry over the treatment of medical practitioners in Cross River. They indicated that they have spoken with the state governor, underscoring the gravity of the situation. However, if no progress is made by the end of next week, the NMA has threatened to take a tougher stance. This conclusion is the result of years of close observation of the alleged maltreatment of medical personnel in the region.

A worried individual published a statement today warning that if their family member is not released by Friday, a national strike will be called, with Cross River expected to be in the epicenter.

In an unexpected announcement, it has been recommended that members may resign, leaving those who engage in kidnapping to deal with the penalties on their own. Individuals making this allegation appear to assume that by taking this step, the people of Cross River will be forced to take affairs into their own hands.

In a recent statement, Ojinmah encouraged the Cross River State Government to take aggressive measures to protect their residents and combat efforts to undermine the state’s reputation.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has just made a passionate appeal to the criminals responsible for the kidnapping of a doctor. The NMA is demanding the culprits to release the doctor immediately and secure their safe return. This request comes as the medical community rallies in support of their colleague, highlighting the value of togetherness and the necessity to safeguard those who devote their life to saving others. The NMA’s appeal serves as a reminder of the continual problems that healthcare workers confront, as well as the critical need to prioritize their safety.

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