Don’t approve Tinubu’s proposal for war in Niger, Shehu Sani urges the Senate

Former legislator Shehu Sani recently petitioned the Senate to refuse President Bola Tinubu’s request for military intervention in the Republic of Niger.

Sani sent Tinubu a scathing message in a recent post on his X social media platform, warning him not to bow to the control of foreign powers.

DAILY POST has disclosed in a breaking news update that the President has made a significant step toward resolving the present crisis in Niger. The President formally requested authorization for military action and further penalties against the military junta in a letter to the Senate. This measure comes as the country strives to recover from the aftermath of the coup and restore stability and democracy. The President’s letter is a significant step forward in the government’s response to the situation, as it seeks Senate approval for necessary actions to counter the acts of the military junta.

Sani recently emphasized his belief that senators, particularly those from Niger-bordering states, must carefully consider the potential consequences and results of their decisions.

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In a statement, the individual expressed strong opposition to any potential military engagement in the Niger Republic, urging the Nigerian Senate not to authorize it. In a passionate plea, the user expresses their concern about the probable expansion of the conflict in the Sahel region, emphasizing the harmful consequences of engaging in war and becoming embroiled in its extended aftermath.

According to a recent remark, concerns have been raised concerning President Tinubu’s susceptibility to foreign influence. It is advised that he remain vigilant in order to avoid being duped by these extraneous influences. Recent events involving Saudi Arabia in Yemen, the United States in Afghanistan, and now Russia in Ukraine serve as stark reminders that war is a protracted conflict that resists quick resolution.

Senators, particularly those from Niger-bordering nations, are being urged to carefully consider the ramifications and consequences of their decisions. The weaponization of Niger’s electricity source has been proven to be a horrific crime.

Concerned individuals have written to President Tinubu, pleading for him to continue diplomatic efforts to spare the lives of those who face sacrifice. The user expressed their point of view earlier today, saying, “That’s my view.”

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