Fuel Subsidy Removal, Tinubu Government To Meet Nigeria Labour Congress Today

The representatives of the Nigerian Government will meet with the Nigeria Labour Congress over the removal of fuel subsidy.

NLC President Joe Ajaero, unfolded this on Wednesday while on a channels tv program, he said the meeting is scheduled will hold at 2 pm on Wednesday.

The newly inaugurated President of Nigeria Bola Tinubu on Monday in his speech said there would be no more fuel subsidy. Some hours after the Presidents inaugural speech, long queues returned to filling stations wide across the country amid fuel scarcity which brought about panic buying and hoarding of fuel by dealers.

The NLC president said that “There, all other issues we will discuss because you can’t just say there no subsidy and then you are not producing and leave us to the vagaries of the market, to people who want to sell the product they bought for N10 for N100 to maximise profit. If there is no more garri, we must find out what to eat.”

Ajaero also said that the President should have asked questions and find out the implications of fuel subsidy removal on Nigerians on the streets.

He also said that “The pronouncement by Mr President is as good as law and if in the process we make a law that is not practicable, the same people that made the law can look at it.”

“Does it bring pleasure to us to say subsidy is gone and people start suffering? Is it not part of leadership for us to look at how the suffering of the people can be reduced?” he asked.

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